Tuesday Technical Teach Ins

In the final session of our current series of Tuesday Technical Teach Ins, we look forward to welcoming Leigh Mason of Cyber Defence Solutions who will be presenting on ““Software and hardware approaches to mitigating the cyber security threat on the latest generation of superyachts in which every system onboard is potentially connected to the internet”.

With the latest generation of superyachts and those coming out of major refits being internet connected 24/7, the risk of losses from cyber security breaches of some form is inevitably going to increase. This presentation aims to address areas of vulnerability on superyachts; how the threat is expected to develop as technology evolves; how to mitigate the risks from unauthorised access through training and hardware solutions; and some case studies looking at potential cyber loss scenarios and how potential claims might be avoided.

The presentation will take place at 1600 on Tuesday 17th April at our London offices.

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